A Beautiful Campus Led by Amazing People Emphasizing Art, Mathematics and Practical Life, Yoga, Meditation and Music.

About Us

Since 2008, TMA has been a year-round, private Montessori preschool located in the heart of Cary.


We accept all applications without regard to gender, color, race, ethnic or national origin.

Primary programs

You'll find a number of amazing programs for children from 18 months old up to six years old.

enrichment programs

We offer a number of enrichment programs that are both fun and creatively stimulating.

The Latest TMA News

Montessori Food Preparation


Food preparation is part of the curriculum at Triangle Montessori Academy (TMA.) Here are a few of the things that the children learn.  

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The Materials of Montessori Education


Montessori classrooms including the ones at Triangle Montessori Academy(TMA) are peaceful, happy places designed to meet the developmental needs of ea

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TMA Music Academy Opens


At Triangle Montessori Academy (TMA), we are supporters of all things “art.” That’s why we have started the TMA Music Academy, an education cent

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